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Today I'm headed to Minneapolis for an appointment with my rheumatologist. It might actually shape up to be a pretty crazy day because we're discussing "what to do with me" when I turn 18 in a few short months. I currently go to a Gillette Children's Hospital, and since I'm almost NOT a child anymore, (WOAH) It's time to find a doctor to better suit my needs.

Anywho, I've been failing COMPLETELY when it comes to keeping up with my fitness. I like to blame it on being a full time student with two part-time jobs, but I know there's not an excuse and my physical therapist would be ticked...

It's been hard dealing with the fact that I simply cannot be the runner that I used to be. It's truly something that is beyond my control. I thought I'd officially learned how to be proud of the new me last summer, but there's still a lot of hurt and feelings of "inadequacy" here. Therefore, I've decided to take a break from running. If I feel well enough to run, I've promised myself not to exceed 1 1/2 miles at once. I was averaging about 2 1/2 miles per run last  month, but the pain I've been in the past few weeks is just not worth it to me at this point. I hate that, but it's the truth and I'm staying positive. I'm slowly realizing that I can still make progress and overcome... It just might be in other areas for the time being! I'd choose moving forward and being joyful rather than moping around doing NOTHING any day. :)

Since I don't have a nannying job this summer yet, (sad face) It looks like I'm going to have a lot more free time! I'm not sure how I really feel about that yet, but things will be okay! Someone I babysit for was just telling me about some awesome yoga classes she's been taking and I realize how much I want to get myself involved in that. She does special "healing" classes - so I'm thrilled to meet/get to know the instructor while learning more about my body, its limitations, and what I can do to naturally help it heal.

Another fitness goal I plan to accomplish this summer is going for and completing The 300 Challenge. My core is one of the few areas of my body that my arthritis has not taken control of which is amazing! It gives me a place to make progress while I let my joints off the hook. Again, it's just what's best for me right now and I'm okay with that!

In other news this weekend, I'm going camping with my family! Minnesota finally decided to give us SPRING and it's been feeling more like summer now that the rain has stopped. :) And, since our campground has some amazing trails, I'm going to attempt to squeeze in a 1 mile run and lots of biking. I'll take it one day at a time. :)

The first thing I'm going to do when we get to our camper tonight is make myself a kiddie cocktail. Cheers to the freakin' weekend! Ah, to be a teen blogger... ;)

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Kala Roberts said...

Camping sounds like so much fun! I started the 300 challenge yesterday and my hip flexors are super sore today. Like I'm walking funny sore. In a good way though!

Have fun this weekend! Hope you don't run into too many mosquitos! I had soooo many bug bites when I was in MN for the summer!

Jen said...

Have so much fun this weekend you deserve it! :)

Kenzie Smith said...

I so wish that you lived closer, you could so come watch my son!
Camping sounds like a blast! I hope you have an amazing weekend, because you deserve it.

Brianna said...

Praying your day is amazing! :)

Also, thank you SO MUCH for posting about 'the 300' challenge! I've been looking for a really good but quick core workout to fit into my crazy schedule! I'm so excited to start TODAY!

Jen said...

We are camping too this weekend!!!!! Too bad it wasn't at the same campground :( I'm glad you are getting a break from school and crazy schedules to go have some fun!! And I know that it is so frustrating to not be the runner you want to be but in the end doll...you ARE a runner. 1 mile, 26 miles...it doesn't matter. You run...and that's something to be very, very proud of :) Thanks for linking up today! Have the BEST weekend!!! xoxo

Laura @ The Everyday Joys said...

Your motivation is inspirational!

Mrs Hurley said...

Great job!! I love when you can squeeze in exercise on vacation. Have a great week :)

Mrs Hurley said...

Great job!! I love when you can squeeze in exercise on vacation. Have a great week :)